what is the reason for each step in the solution of the equation18-2x=4xDrag and drop the reasons into the boxes to correctly complete the table 18-2x=4x18-6x3=xCombine Like TermsDivison Property of EqualityAddition Property of EqualityDistributive PropertyGiven

Accepted Solution

[tex]18-2x=4x[/tex] ⇒ Given

[tex]18-2x-4x=4x-4x[/tex] ⇒ Addition property of equality

[tex]18 - 6x = 0[/tex] ⇒ Combine like terms [-2x-4x = -6x]

[tex]18-6x+6x=0+6x[/tex] ⇒ Addition property of equality

[tex]18=6x[/tex] ⇒ Distributive property

[tex] \frac{18}{6}= \frac{6x}{6} [/tex] ⇒ Division property of equality

[tex]x=3[/tex] ⇒ Answer