There are 5,280 feet in 1 mile. If Riley ran 26,400 feet, how many miles did she run? [Type your answer as a number.]

Accepted Solution

Answer:She ran 5 milesStep-by-step explanation:To solve this, we can easily use proportion.The question state that there are 5,280 feet in a mile, We are ask to find the number of miles Rily run, if she ran 26,400 feet.Using proportion;Let x = the number of miles Rily  can run5,280 feet     = 1 mile26,400 feet    = xCross-multiply5280x = 26,400To get the value of x, we will divide both-side of the equation by 52805280x/5280 = 26400/5280(On the left-hand side of the equation, 5280 will cancel-out 5280 leaving us with x and on the right-hand side of the equation 26400 will divide 5280)x = 26400 / 5280x=5 mileTherefore, If Rily ran 26400 feet, then she has ran 5 miles.