The trinomial x2 + bx + c factors to (x + m)(x + n). If b is negative and c is positive, what must be true about m and n?m and n are both positive.m is positive and n is negative.m is negative and n is positive.m and n are both negative.

Accepted Solution

The true statement about the trinomial is (d) m and n are  both negativeHow to determine the true statement?The trinomial is given as:[tex]x^2 - bx + c[/tex]The factors are given as:(x + m)(x + n)By law of quadratic, we have:m + n = bmn = cWhen b is negative, and c is positive.It means that variables m and n have the same signThis means that:m and n are  both negativeHence, the true statement is (d) m and n are  both negativeRead more about trinomials at: