the mean temperature for the past 10 days was 22 degrees c. If the sum if the temperature for the first nine days was 200, what was the temperature on day 10? A.) 10c B.) 32c C.) 22c D) 20c​

Accepted Solution

Answer:D) 20cStep-by-step explanation:Mean is the average of a set of numbers.  To find the average, you add up the values of the data and divide by the number of data points.  In this case, the number of data points is 10 days and the average was 22 degrees.  Given that the sum of the first nine days was 200, you can let 'x' be the temperature on the tenth day and solve for the temperature: [tex]\frac{200+x}{10}=22[/tex]Multiply 10 on both sides: 200 + x = 220 Subtract 200 on both sides: 200 + x - 200 = 220 - 200 Solve for x: x = 20c