Mary earns $16 an hour plus $20 an hour for every hour of overtime. Overtime hours are any hours more than 30 hours for the week.Part A: Create an equation that shows the amount of money earned, M, for working x hours in a week when there is no overtime. Part B: Create an equation that shows the number of wages earned, T, for working y hours of overtime. Hint: Remember to include in the equation the amount earned from working 30 hours.Part C: Mary earned $580 in 1 week. How many hours (regular plus overtime) did she work? Show your work.Full explanation pleaseeee!!

Accepted Solution

Answer:Part A: M=16xPart B: T=16*30+20yPart C: 35 hoursStep-by-step explanation:Part A: simplify hour rate times the hours she workedPart B: it mentioned that y hours overtime, means she worked 30 hours plus y hours, so the wage is 30*16+y+20Part C: If she works 30 hours, she will earn 480 per week.So, she earned 580 means she worked overtime. 580-480=100 is the overtime wage. 100/20=5 is overtime hours.The basic 30 hours plus overtime 5 hours is 35 hours