If m<M=4x, m<L=5x, and m<MKL=6x. find m<JKM. ((72((132((108((120Thank you so much!!​

Accepted Solution

Answer:The measure of angle JKM is 108°Step-by-step explanation:step 1Find the value of xwe know thatThe sum of the interior angles of a triangle must be equal to 180 degreesso∠M+∠L+∠MKL=180°substitute the given values4x+5x+6x=180°15x=180°x=12°step 2Find the measure of angle JKMwe know thatAngles MKL and JKM are supplementary anglesso∠MKL+∠JKM=180°6x+∠JKM=180°substitute the value of x6(12)+∠JKM=180°∠JKM=180°-72°=108°