Five people each working 8 hrs a day can assemble 400 toys in a 5 day work week. what is the average number of toys per person? A. 2 B. 4 C.8. or D.16 I chose A. 2 but, I need help. If anyone could answer and like ahow their work it would be a huge help. I will give BRAINLIEST to whoever helps.​

Accepted Solution

ans A. 2solution:total no of toys= 400total days= 5toys assembled per day= 400/5=80each person work daily for= 8 hrstotal number of people = 5so total working hours = 5 x 8= 40Now total toys assembled per day /total working hours per day = average number of toys per persontherefore 80/40 = 2so answer is A. 2